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Scots Scuil

This clip focuses on Cameron's story and his decision to speak Scots

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This clip is an excerpt from “Scots Scuil”, an hour long programme where James Robertson and Matthew Fitt invited Scots speaking bairns to come and “speak their ain leid fir a week.”

This clip focuses on Cameron’s story, and his decision to speak Scots – the reasons for and against this decision are debated by Cameron and his family.

Questions & Activities


This clip is an excellent example of a young person today who does speak Scots and wants to use it more, but, others around him – as well as Cameron himself – are aware of barriers, and have reservations about when is the time and place to speak Scots.

Watch the clip and make notes for each of these settings, listing the views expressed by the different people on the different settings where it is “ok” to speak Scots and which would be better suited to speaking English:

• the home

• work

• an interview

• with friends

• with family

• at school

From your list, which do you agree is an appropriate time and place for Scots – you might consider all to be acceptable settings for speaking in Scots language – give reasons to support your answers.


Create a commentary of your own, like the news story documenting the “Scots Scuil”.

Begin by reviewing your own work done in the Explore & Discover sessions. Share and discuss the views of all learners in the class.

As a team (or in small groups) plan a documentary exploring the views and attitudes held firstly within your class, then also across your school and, if possible, across your community. This could produce a documentary film, a written news piece, or perhaps a dramatisation to be acted out. Explore the talents and interests of those in your class/group.

When discussing and developing your finished piece, whether it may be a film, article or play, keep in mind the strong opinions some may have on Scots language, whether they are proud speakers of their “mother tongue” or not. As Cameron says in the clip, “When ma Dad tells me oaf fir speakin Scots – I don’t want tae answer back cause it’s ma Dad, but ... he might be different tae me, no ivryboady’s the same...”

Clip Details

Resource Rights Holder BBC Scotland
Project Ref SAAA109F01
Date 2012
Genre Documentary
School Subject Literacy
Subject Matter Scots
Who BBC Scotland
Attributes Colour
Clip Length 06:00
Film Length 60:00
References BBC Scotland