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The Coming of the Camerons

The story of postwoman Jean Cameron

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Follow Glen Clova postwoman Jean Cameron on her rounds (on bicycle).

The film explains the introduction of the "Camerons" - uniform trousers for post women (rather than skirts). They were named after Jean Cameron started the fashion by requesting trousers from Royal Mail instead of the regulation skirt.

Questions & Activities


  • Why did Jean Cameron write to her employer?
  • What roles do postwomen and postmen serve in rural communities?
  • What do you think it was like running a post-office in a rural community during the Second World War?
  • Would you have enjoyed Jean Cameron's post round?


Research the development of women's fashions and, in particular, how these changed for women who wanted to cycle.

Discuss the connections between work and clothing and gender and clothing.

Research and design a modern post uniform.

Make a short video about a woman or girl who has challenged the status quo.

Clip Details

Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 3828
Date 1944
Genre Amateur Documentary
School Subject Literacy, Social Studies, History, Citizenship
Subject Matter Cycling, postal worker, mail, Royal Mail, trousers, Fashion, Work, Women's Rights, Women
Who Jean Cameron (subject), Frank M. Marshall (filmmaker)
Where Glen Clova
Attributes Colour, Silent
Clip Length 10:17
Film Length 10:17
References Wearing the Trousers Jean Cameron's story at The Postal Museum Cine Cycles: Women, Bicycles and a Sense of Freedom