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Weave Me a Rainbow Clip 1

A feature on the Scottish woollen industry

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A documentary promoting the Scottish woollen industry for the National Association of Scottish Woollen Manufacturers.

This clip, from the first part of the film, shows lambs and sheep running. Sheep wool is seen under a microscope. Sheep's hair follicules and microscopic structures are shown through animation by Halas & Batchelor. Different types of wool are described as sheep wool is hand plucked ('rooed'). Lace shawls blow in the wind. The end of the clip looks at colour dying processes.

Questions & Activities


  • Where does wool come from? What different types of wool are there?
  • What things inspired the designs?
  • What special properties does wool have?
  • How does the 'colour' of the music reflect the use of colour and movement on screen?
  • What sort of sound effects are used in the animated sections?
  • How does animation add value to this film? What does it allow us to see?


Research wool production and sheep farming. Write a report.

Research the use of farm land near you. Make a film about it.

Investigate the absorption of natural dyes by different types of fabric.

Design your own wool pattern design.

Create a drawing of something magnified. Can you animate it?

Draw and label fibres magnified by a microscope.

Clip Details

Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2245
Date 1962
Genre Promotional Documentary, Animation
School Subject Sciences, Social Studies, Technologies, Literacy, Expressive Arts
Subject Matter Scottish wool industry
Who Edward McConnell (director), Frank Spedding (music), Halas & Batchelor (animators)
Where Shetland, Aberdeen, Borders
Event National Association of Scottish Woollen Manufacturers
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 05.23
Film Length 27:00