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Weave Me a Rainbow clip 2

A feature on the Scottish woollen industry

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A documentary promoting the Scottish woollen industry for the National Association of Scottish Woollen Manufacturers.

This clip, from the first part of the film, shows the dying process. Vibrant jazz and swing music accompanies images of sheep wool taking on dye and dried out ready for carding. Threads of colourful wood are created on machines. The yarn is drawn out, twisted and wound around bobbins.

Questions & Activities


  • What processes are involved in the manufacture of wool and woollen products?
  • What style of music is used in this clip and which instruments are played?
  • What special property does wool have once it is stretched?
  • How does the 'colour' of the music reflect the use of colour and movement on screen?


Investigate the absorption of natural dyes by different types of fabric.

Design your own wool pattern design.

Knit or make something using wool.

Research alternatives to wool in clothing manufacture.

Substitute the music with an alternative style to change the mood of the clip.

Research the styles of music used in the film (jazz, swing, classical, modernist).

Explore Jazz artists of the 20th century.

Clip Details

Date 1962
Genre Promotional Documentary
School Subject Social Studies, Music, Art, Technologies
Subject Matter Scottish wool industry, wool
Who Edward McConnell (director), Frank Spedding (music)
Where Scotland
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 03:42
Film Length 27:00