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Her Century: Scottish women on film - Third and Fourth Levels


This lesson guide is about women's lives from around 1910 up to the 1980s.

You will learn about women's lives in Scotland in the twentieth century. You may like to reflect on your own family situation, the lives of women you know and admire, as well as stories passed down generations. The learning materials have been chosen to help you broaden your understanding of how society is shaped by patriarchy and how women, in different roles, have been represented on screen.

Note for teachers:

These films have been selected to accompany the learning journey 'Her Century' (see file below). The downloadable learning journey connects with different areas of the Curriculum for Excellence (Third and Fourth Levels), with particular relevance to literacy, social studies, expressive arts, health and wellbeing and technologies.


These films are featured in the Her Century learning journey (see Introduction). Click through to see the clips and activities.

FILM 1: Herring Harvest at Yarmouth (c1910)

FILM 2: The Coming of the Camerons (1944)

FILM 3: A Day in the Home (1951)

FILM 4: Glasgow's First South Asian Policewoman (1974)

Extension activities:

Red Skirts on Clydeside (1984) Clip 1

Red Skirts on Clydeside (1984) Clip 2

Male & Female (1980) Clip 1

Male & Female (1980) Clip 2

Visit for information about the film 'Her Century' which inspired this resource. The website includes further information about the films and a downloadable zine.

Her Century toured Scotland in 2019-20 and was shown online July-September 2020.

Her Century was supported by Film Hub Scotland which is funded by the BFI and Screen Scotland.

The Her Century learning journey was written by Dr Emily Munro at the National Library of Scotland. Created August 2020.