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About Scotland on Screen

Scotland on Screen contains hundreds of films to watch, discuss and use as inspiration for your own projects.

Each film clip is accompanied by suggestions for activities that you can do before, during or after watching.

What can I do?

You can access historical film clips from Scotland's Moving Image Archive and make use of the extensive learning resources designed by teachers and leading practitioners in moving image education.

If you have a Glow or Shibboleth login, you can also download clips to use in your own creative projects.

How do I log in?

Our Site Access Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply to all users.

Note to teachers and facilitators

This website provides free access to films from the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive with accompanying learning resources designed for use in the classroom or other learning settings. The materials can also be used by the general public for research and enjoyment. The films document over a century of Scottish lives on film, with particular reference to social, economic and environmental change.

The film material has been selected and described for its relevance to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. As well as watching, pupils and teachers may download film clips and use them in projects. Any new films or film essays created in the classroom can be uploaded to Glow.

Scotland on Screen is a partnership project between Creative Scotland, Education Scotland and the National Library of Scotland.