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Lead Officers

Education Scotland (formerly Learning and Teaching Scotland) - Gerry Queen

National Library of Scotland - Ruth Washbrook (until 2014), Emily Munro, Sheena McDougall

Screen Scotland (formerly Scottish Screen) Scott Donaldson (Adam Seddon until 2010)


Ben Seven and Dan Plunkett at Kin (Johanna Larson until 2015)

Web Development and Management

Paolo Ciarrocca and Ben Seven at Kin (Graham Turnbull, Richard Clegg and Sven Edge until 2015)


Neil Castell and National Library of Scotland

Teacher Contributors

Bill Boyd Pamela Collins (St Margaret Mary’s) Ralph Coates (Brechin High) Kate Farrell (Castlebrae High School) Tim Flood (Lead Practitioner in Moving Image Education) Julie Fox (Hayshead Primary) Andrew Gallagher Angela Grant (Angus Education Development Service) Callum Hind (Hillpark Secondary) Fiona Hislop (King’s Park) Jan Hughes (Angus Education Development Service) Pamela Horn (Montrose Academy) Rick Instrell Joe McCall (Carnoustie High) Joe McGalliard (Arbroath Academy) Athole McLaughlan (Bearsden Primary) Anne Marie McVey (Eastwood High School) James Miller (Roundtree Primary School) Eildth Morris (Drumlemble Primary) Alberdina Power (Hillpark Secondary) David Scally (Grove Academy) Alex Simpson (Strathaven Academy) Ciara Sterrett (Grandtully Primary School) Clair Thomson (Angus Education Development Service) Andy Wallis (Islay High School)

Additional Contributors

Rachel Clachrie Daryl Cockburn David Griffith Cynan Jones Hannah Palmer Simon Manton-Milne

With thanks to:

Ronald Mooney and Careers Scotland, Gayle Monteith, Janet McBain, Scott Donaldson, Linda McClure, Moya McDonald, Ian Graham, Curriculum and Technical Staff at Education Scotland (formerly Learning and Teaching Scotland).