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Still frame from 'Tomorrow Is Yours'

The National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive is looking for an animator to work with the learning and outreach team to explore early cinema techniques with new animation technology....

Development of animation and cinema technology Date: Wednesday 21 March 2018 Venue: National Library of Scotland, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow Time: 16.00-17.30


National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall

The National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall is now open to visit. This new visitor centre provides a space for people to explore Scotland's moving image archive as well as other digital...


A Lesson Guide has been created to help children learn about the fishing industry in Scotland. The resource 'Fishing in Scotland' has been created by Scotland's Moving Image Archive in...

Tree for two - boy unwrapping a bottle
Schools workshop: A Very Scottish Christmas Dundee Contemporary Arts (2 December); Bo’ness Hippodrome (3 December);...

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