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Raising Literacy Through Scotland's Film Archive

A new resource has been produced by Into Film in partnership with the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive and Queen Margaret...

Child drawing inside a giant circular film strip

We've put together some fun resources for learning about cinema in Scotland!...

What are your plans for marking Robert Burns Day 2021?

If you want to practice your Scots, watch and listen to inspirational poetry or research some of Burn’s manuscripts you can find lots...

Sawarnjit Matharu in uniform

Learn about women’s roles in the twentieth century with our new 'Her Century' learning resource.

There are more than 20 clips to watch alongside a downloadable learning journey. If you log...


If you are a Teacher or Librarian using the Scotland on Screen site with pupils we'd love to know what you think about the resources on offer here online.

We’re looking to gather...

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