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What Can I Do?

Scotland on Screen allows you to discover and learn about films from the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive, Scotland's national collection of moving images.

A wide variety of learning resources have been created by film practitioners and teachers to accompany each clip. Specific topics and groups of films are explored in more detail in Lesson Guides.

A number of short tutorials are available to help you get the most out of Scotland on Screen. These include:

Everyone can:

  • Browse and watch all clips on the site (over 15 hours of footage), search by subject or subject area
  • Use archive clips as a starter introduction to a new topic
  • Enjoy sharing clips and memories with family and community
  • Explore the questions and activities independently to deepen your learning

With a login you can also:

Schools in Scotland can also:

  • Use the suggested questions and activities in lessons or as part of class project
  • Develop cross-curricular or Enterprise projects within your school, or across Scotland
  • Use the Scotland on Screen Glow group to share and learn with others across Scotland
  • Share your ideas about how to develop the site with us
  • Collaborate with other schools via Glow