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Glasgow's Yesterdays (clip 3)

Compilation of news and local topical footage

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A selection of films from Glasgow in the early years of the Twentieth Century. The compilation was produced by C. A. Oakley around 1940 from original nitrate films he discovered in the 1930s. This clip features a First World War recruiting march by soldiers of the Chamber of Commerce Battalion.

Questions & Activities


  • Who do we see in this film? What ages? What social classes? Are they all going to war?
  • Where is the film shot?
  • Who made the film? Why?
  • How many different shots are there of the soldiers marching? What angles are they taken from?


Research the Chamber of Commerce Battalion. Who were they and what did they do?

Compose or select appropriate music to apply to clip or write a commentary/voice-over. Use other footage from the period to create a video essay about the First World War.

Write a newspaper article about this event using the style of reporting used during the First World War.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-005-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0012
Date 1910 - 1922
Genre Documentary, Local Topical
School Subject History, Media Studies, Music, English
Subject Matter Citizenship, World War 1
Who C. A. Oakley (producer), James Hart (filmmaker), Scottish Film Council (sponsor)
Where Glasgow
Event Parade, First World War, World War I
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 1:10
Film Length 09:30