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Oer Hill and Dale (clip 2)

Shepherd's Spring in the Cheviot Hills

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This early documentary about sheep farming in the Cheviot Hills was produced by John Grierson and widely distributed in cinemas. In this second clip we see Martin a shepherd from Langbank Shields heading off in a storm to rescues a lamb which is in danger of freezing to death. He takes it home and his wife puts it in the oven to thaw out.

Questions & Activities


  • Which products do we get from sheep?
  • How is the change in the weather shown?
  • How is the drama intensified?
  • What did you learn about sheep from this film?
  • How are sheep farmed today?


English: Write a newspaper report about this incident for the Cheviot News or make a sequel to this story.

English: Collect some poems that talk about weather or sheep, or sheep farming.

Science/ Biology: The shepherd is seen putting the lamb in the oven. Was this a good idea? Investigate the science of hypothermia and how people suffering from hypothermia should be treated.

Technology / Textiles; The clothes seen in this film don't look particularly warm or weatherproof. Look into the issue of the technical outdoor clothing available today to recommend clothing for a modern shepherd.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-079-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of the British Film Institute
Project Ref 1192
Date 1932
Genre Documentary
School Subject English, Biology, Technologies
Subject Matter Textiles
Who Basil Wright (director), Empire Marketing Board Film (production company), Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd (distributor), John Grierson (producer)
Where Cheviot Hills
Event Farming
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 3:38
Film Length 16:00