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Ministry of Food Flashes (clip 3)

Public information films about how to feed the nation and help the war effort.

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A series of Second World War public information films illustrating the best ways to use limited food supplies. This series of flashes features advice on how to substitute home grown potatoes for bread made from imported wheat, and how to understand and make use of your ration book.

Questions & Activities


  • Where would a film like this be shown?
  • Why have the prices of food gone down?
  • Why do they tell the viewers to eat potatoes and green vegetables?
  • Why were they being told what to eat then?
  • Do you think we need to be told what to eat now?


Find out in what ways people were told by the government what to do during the Second World War and what they were told to do. What are we told to do by the government today?

Research and film your own public information film promoting healthy eating or make your own public information film about food during the Second World War by reediting the footage contained in this and other related clips about food production.

Research how much food is imported and exported today and which countries our food comes from.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-233-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum
Project Ref 1359
Date 1941
Genre Public Information
School Subject Art and Design, Modern Studies, Geography, Home Economics, Science, Environmental Studies, History, Social History, Health and Wellbeing
Subject Matter World War 2, Home Front Rationing, Community involvement
Who Ministry of Food (sponsor)
Where Glasgow
Event World WarII
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 3:21
Film Length 03:21