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Gorbals Procession

Paddy Black Memorial Mission District Trip

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Surviving fragments of film edited into a sequence of events by the Archive and showing the assembly and procession of the Paddy Black Memorial Mission District Trip. Paddy Black's Mission was a Temperance organisation and included the Band of Hope. The film records people from the Mission, whose headquarters were at 46-48 Tradeston Street, assembling at the corner of Nelson Street, Tradeston, Glasgow. Crowds gather to watch the procession trip setting off with trams passing in the background. Shots of pipe bands, possibly the Boys Brigade, the mission banner leading horse-drawn lorries carrying local children and old car possibly an "Argyle".

Questions & Activities


  • What do you think the procession is for?
  • How would people find out about this event and why do you think people went to watch?
  • What do you notice about the people?
  • What methods of transport do you see?
  • What do you think was different about a parade in 1922 to parades today?


RME / Social Studies / History / Modern Studies / ICT: Research the Temperance Movement and the Band of Hope. Present your findings either using stills or by incorporating the clip into a multi-media presentation.

RME: Design a flyer to explain the purpose of the religious mission that would be given out to all the spectators.

RME / Media Studies / English: Look at a present day commentary on a live event and write a commentary of what you can see happening in this film.

RME / English: Write the organiser's notes of the planning of the event. Take into account the people involved, transport, location, weather and aim of the event.

RME / English: Write a diary entry - one for the day (a) as if the organiser felt the day had gone well and (b) if the day had gone badly.

English / Modern Studies: Write a letter from the point of view of the hairdressers either complaining to or congratulating the procession organiser.

English / Drama / Expressive Arts: Devise a list of crowd comments. Include characters from today who have been transported back in time.

Music: Either perform or record a soundtrack to accompany the film.

History / Social Studies / Modern Studies: Use stills from the film to illustrate transport in the past.

Expressive Arts / Art and Design / Music: Take a still and use as a CD cover and devise the names of songs that might feature. What would the songs be about?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-249-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1662
Date 1922
Genre Local Topical
School Subject Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies, History, Modern Studies, ICT, English, Drama, Expressive Arts, Music, Media Studies
Where Tradeston, Glasgow
Event Paddy Black Memorial Mission Trip, Temperance Movement
Clip Length 1:30
Film Length 1:30