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Dalek in Glasgow Streets

TV news insert from 1978

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A 'Dalek' is an evil character that has featured in the popular BBC science-fiction television series 'Dr Who' since the 1960s. In this clip from Scottish TV news a Dalek is seen running loose on Ingram Street, Glasgow, accosting two traffic wardens and two young children.

Questions & Activities


  • In which programme do you normally see the Daleks?
  • Which other baddies can you name from Dr Who or other TV sci-fi series?
  • Daleks used to be considered very scary. Are they still as scary today?
  • Why do you think the Dalek was on the Scottish TV news in 1978?
  • Do you think it is likely a visit from a Dalek would be considered newsworthy today?


English / Horror Genre / Sci-fi Genre: Discuss what makes the Daleks scary, looking at their physical attributes, the way they talk and act (individually and collectively), and their back story as a species. Then widen the discussion to look at other monsters from fiction (everything from movies to folktales). Discuss their different characteristics, attributes and back stories and why it is that each one scares us. What do they have in common and what is individual to the particular monster? Now design your own monster or alien species, explaining where it came from, what it does and why we should be scared.

English / Drama / Media Studies: All good villains need to be a step ahead of the hero, but monsters are particularly scary villains because the hero needs to find out the true story of who they are and why they are attacking people before they can be defeated. On a deeper level monsters prey on our darkest fears and the guilt we feel for our sins. Discuss the different 'sins' that filmmakers choose to have their monsters punish in popular films. Also look at the historical and political setting that gave birth to different monsters like Dracula or the Daleks, and discuss how different monsters reflect the collective fears of different times. Discuss what we are scared of today and try to design a monster for our times.

English / Media Studies: Working in groups , write narration to accompany this news bulletin for Dalek TV about their experience and impressions of Glasgow and add it to the film. Maybe they are here on a reconnaisance mission, or maybe like ET s/he is lost and trying to find his/her way home. Show all the films to the class or school and give awards for creativity, humour and pathos.

English / Creative Writing: You find a lost Dalek and take it to school for a day or get to keep it over the weekend. describe what happens and some of the cultural diffrerences and difficulties you have to overcome.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-387-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T0493
Date 1978
Genre TV News
School Subject English, Drama, Media Studies
Who Scottish Television (production company)
Where Glasgow
Attributes Colour, Silent
Clip Length 0:34
Film Length 36:11