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David Livingstone (clip 2)

Life of the famous Victorian explorer

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An account of the life of David Livingstone (1813 – 1873). This Docu-drama depicts the life of the famous Victorian explorer and missionary including a dramatised account of his expedition through Africa where he encounters various African tribes people. Shots include; Victoria Falls, canoeing, exploration team walking through the jungle and shots of newspaper articles which wrongly reported the death of Livingstone. The clip also features the dramatisation of Henry Morton Stanley's travels from America to find Livingstone in Africa.

Questions & Activities


  • What is the Zambizee?
  • Who was Henry Stanley?
  • Why did Livingstone name the falls after Victoria? How was he able to name them?
  • What communication would Stanley have used to find out how Livingstone was alive?
  • Livingstone "discovered" places in Africa. Why might some people object to this?
  • Why was Livingstone so determined to help the African people?
  • What role did he play in ending slavery?


Geography: List the places Livingstone visited and plot them on a map. Plot on a map Livingstone's journey through Africa - what are the modern day names for the places he visited and what countries are they located in?

Media Studies / History: Why and in what way do the newspapers that Stanley was working for look different from today's newspapers?

Social History / RME: Compare David Livingstone to Mary Slessor (She Blazed a Trail). Research the differences and similarities in their work. Create a short powerpoint presentation/film or presentation incorporating clips from both films.

History: Find out what the African name for the Victoria falls is and why it was chosen.

English: Write an obituary about David Livingstone.

English / Media Studies: Write a newspaper article about Livingstone'€™s discovery by Stanley complete with pictures for a modern day paper.

Drama: Create a drama around David Livingstone meeting the natives for the first time or when Stanley meets Livingstone.

Geography: Research other Scottish Explorers.

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