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Nothing's Too Good For Your Children

Cinema trailer for the ABC Minors Matinee

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Short film made for the ABC's Minors Club Saturday morning matinees showing the shooting of a Children's Film Foundation film and a fancy dress/talent competiton. Shots include: interior and exterior shots of some unidentified cinemas. Filming of a Children's Film Foundation film. Examples of type of film show, including cartoons. Queues outside a Matinee, where the senior boys and girls act as monitors to younger children. On-stage antics by guest celebrities. Shots of children's fancy dress/talent competition. The film ends with the claim that the matinees include: "Good Films, Good Fun and Good Fellowship."

Questions & Activities


  • Why was this film made and where was it shown?
  • What is a minor?
  • What happened at the minor's matinee?
  • What is good fellowship?
  • Why are custard pies banned today?
  • What does being in an audience add to the experience of watching a film?


English: Discuss the different communication techniques used in the film and the way the advert is structured.

History (Intermediate 2): Look at this and other films in the collection about the cinema and research the development of the cinema and leisure activities in Scotland. You may also want to research how many cinemas used to be in your area through the internet and by talking to parents and grandparents and gathering historical testimonies.

Primary 3-4 - When grainy was a girl...: Interview your granny about what types of recreational activities were available to her and her memories of going to the cinema.

Art and Design / English: Put together a minor's matinee for today. Think about the types of films you would include, how you would attract children to come to the matinee. You can also rename the event. Design posters to attract your audience.

English / Social History: Make a list of all the activities the children can be involved in at the cinema. Think about the types of activity that you might use today as part of cinema programme.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-149-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0941
Date 1963
Genre Advertising
School Subject English, History, Art and Design, Social Studies
Who ABC Minors' Club (Sponsor)
Event Cinema, Children, Advertisement
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 2:11
Film Length 2:11