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In Good Heart (clip)

The story of the farming year in Scotland

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The film includes potatoes being picked, sorted and packed; sheep being dipped, sheared and branded; various scenes of events at the Royal Highland Show including farming machinery; judging and parades of farm animals: sheep, Aberdeen Angus, Shorthorns, Belted Galloways. Highland farming scenes, highland landscapes and a shepherd herding his flock of sheep.

Questions & Activities


  • What are they doing at the start of the film?
  • What is dressing the animal?
  • What happens at an agricultural show?
  • Where are the antipodes?
  • What is the purpose of the agricultural show and who goes?
  • Why are cattle marked with dye?
  • What attributes are judged?
  • How many different types of farming methods can you identify in this film?


Geography / Technologies: Research the different types of farming and find out how farming and land use has changed since this film was made. How has this impacted on local industries e.g. seed providers & machinery parts?

Geography / Technologies / History: Examine the change in farming technologies. What are the factors involved? Draw maps to represent what was happening at each historical period and then produce an animated timeline.

History / Geography: Research the history of Royal Highland Show and agricultural shows in general.

English: Describe what you are seeing in the film that reflects the movement and the kinds of sounds that you might hear. Write a poem or short story about rural life.

English: There are a number of chapters by writers such as Thackery about agricultural shows. Look at these passages and write your own passage describing a trip to an agricultural show focusing on how important it is to rural life.

Geography / Environmental Studies / Media Studies: Organise a visit to a farm or farmers market and film similar activities marketed today.

Geography: How many sheep were then in Scotland when this film was made and how many are there today? What are the different kinds of breeds and what is different about them and are where they are located?