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Kirkcaldy Motorcycle Road Races (clip)

Motorbike racing in 1934

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The Kirkcaldy motor cycle road races, circa 1934. This film features the final 350cc race which was won by D. Parkinson of Wakefield at 52 mph and the final of the 500cc race won by T McEwan of I.O.M.. The footage features exciting images of racing, crowds lining the track; a racer skidding off; medical officials, a commentator commentating; and police and race officials at side of track.

Questions & Activities


  • Why do motorcyclists wear leathers?
  • Why do they lean into corners?
  • How has increased speed and safety requirements changed the sport?
  • How dangerous do you think this sport was? Can you spot any potential dangers?
  • What health and safety precautions would be put in place today?
  • How fast do you think the bikes would go in 1934 - how fast would modern bikes go?


English / ICT: Write and record a commentary for or report about the day's racing, then add it . You may want to focus on some of the competitors and their back stories as well as some of the spectators in the crowd.

Local History: Research the popularity of the Kirkcaldy Road Race, when the last Kirkcaldy Road Race was held and why it was stopped. Discuss where the road races are held today and why they are held there.

English / Music: Re-edit this footage into a racing drama about and write and record your own narration and music to add suspense and tension to the film.

Business Studies / Environmental Studies: Research the popularity and importance of motor sports to the Scottish economy. Then debate the pros and cons of these types of sport within an economic and environmental context.

English / Health and Wellbeing: Make a list of all the potential health risks you can spot and come up with a solution as to how these could be overcome.

Health and Wellbeing / Art and Design: Devise a route/track for a motocyle race. Take into account any health and safety factors both from the point of view of the motocylist and the spectators.

Art and Design: Devise an advertising campaign to promote your motorcyle race.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-451-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Kirkcaldy & District Motor Club
Project Ref 4655
Date 1934
Genre Amateur, Documentary
School Subject Health and Wellbeing, Physical Education, Business Studies, English, ICT, Media Studies
Subject Matter Sport, Local History
Who Kirkcaldy Photographic Society (filmmakers)
Where Kirkcaldy
Event Sport
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 8:58
Film Length 10:18