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Mixed Marriage (clip)

A marriage between a Catholic and Protestant

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Television current affairs piece on cross denominational Marriage between a Catholic woman and a Protestant man from Arran. Here a young couple, Barbara and Graeme discuss the issues and difficulties they faced from their families, communities and different churches when they decided to marry. In this clip we see both the Catholic Priest Jerry Hughes and Protestant Minister John Spiers talk about their roles in the wedding and baptism ceremonies. Barbara and Graeme discuss how both the Priest and Minister worked together to provide a joint service from them. The Minister tells of the baptism of the first child, Colin, who was baptised by the Catholic priest. Alan, the second child was baptised by the Minister in a Catholic chapel in Brodick. Graeme explains how the children are brought up in a Christian home, alternating their Sunday worship between Chapel and Church of Scotland, a practice he thinks is rather unique. We see the family at home on Arran, as the commentary mentioning there is no segregated schooling on the island. Barbara comments on how she feels pressured by the church and the community generally. The Minister and Priest both discuss the fact that cross denominational marriage can work if both parties are equal partners and how the Church need to unite. The voiceover makes the point that such couples are pioneers marrying across denominations and are not endangering the life of the church.

Questions & Activities


  • Why is this called a mixed marriage and would it be seen as a mixed marriage today?
  • Are you aware of any marriages across dominations in your family?
  • Why do people become so vexed about the question of what other people believe?
  • What would be defined as a mixed marriage today and what problems would be liable to arise?
  • What examples of religious intolerance are you aware of today?


RME / PSE: Interview someone in your family about their '€˜mixed marriage'€™.

RME / PSE: The priest and minister seem to suggest it is a matter of personal belief. Discuss how much you believe this is true and how much do you believe it is social pressure.

RME / PSE: Research the differences in belief between Presbyterians and Catholics. What aspects are the same and what differs and why are these seen as important?

RME / PSE: This couple do not have a problem choosing which school to send their children to as there is only one school in Arran. Discuss how much would this be a problem if they lived in Glasgow or other city?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-207-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T2301
Date 1985
Genre News Insert, Documentary
School Subject Religious and Moral Education, Social History
Who Ross Wilson (director), Scottish Television (production company)
Where Arran, Glasgow
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 7:57
Film Length 08:24