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Dreaming Without Sleeping - the making of 'From Scotland with Love'

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Documentary about the making of the archive documentary film, 'From Scotland with Love', which was commissioned by Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland to celebrate the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow in 2014.

The film discusses in detail the complex creative processes involved in putting together a musical documentary composed entirely of archive footage from films held at the National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive.

Logged-in users can also watch 'From Scotland with Love' using our new Screening Room facility by following the link on this page.

Questions & Activities


Why was the feature film made?

Why was the documentary made?

Which came first the film or the songs?

Which key members of the filmmaking team were not interviewed for this arts documentary?

Does the feature film achieve its objective to be a people's film?



Kenny Anderson a.k.a King Creosote mentions that a song about the war was dropped from the film. What else is not included in this film in terms of Scottish history in the Twentieth Century? Why is this? What other clues do the filmmakers give to this decision?

Media Studies:

What do you learn about the creative process of filmmaking from this film? How would you describe Virginia, Kenny and David's creative process?

Look at the film “I Remember, I Remember” clips 1 & 2 and see what John Grierson the founder of the Documentary Movement in the 1920s says about documentaries. How does this compare to what Virginia Heath says about it?

Play the section of the film again where Virginia’s talk about her ambition for the film and then ask. Taking into account what she says, what would you say about what matters in every generation? Are these specifically Scottish values? Are there any patterns to the editing in the feature film and 'The Making of...' documentary that reinforce these messages?

In the documentary, Kenny tells us that he included the song 'One Floor Down' as a creative test for Virginia and the rest of the team. Look at this song in the original film (One Floor Down - 01:02:39 - 01:05:32) and discuss whether you think the team passed.

What is the role of the music supervisor? How would you describe his role? What things are said about the role?

Approximate timings for the discussion of specific songs within the documentary:

Discussion of ‘Dreaming without Sleeping’, the idea of a ‘people’s film’, and an ‘analogue film for the digital age’ – 00:00:00 - 00:04:00
Discussion of ‘Cargill’ with David McAulay, Kenny Anderson and Virginia Heath – 00:04:00 – 00:06:35
Discussion of the collaboration between sound and image with Kenny Anderson and Virginia Heath in specific reference to ‘One Floor Down’ – 00:07:27 - 00:10:35
Discussion of ‘For One Night Only’ with David McAulay and Kenny Anderson – 00:10:35 – 00:13:52
Further discussion of the iterative collaboration between sound and image in specific reference to ‘Largs’ with Kenny Anderson, David McAulay and Virginia Heath – 00:13:53 - 00:19:16
Discussion of rhythm in relation to editing sound and music, e.g. ‘Something to Believe In’ and ‘Bluebell, Cockleshell 123’ – 00:19:16 - 00:28:56
Discussion of transitions between songs and the importance of mood, with specific discussion of ‘Leaf Piece’ with Virginia Heath – 00:28:56 - 00:31:15
Discussion of ‘Miserable Strangers’ and the role of the music producer – 00:31:15 - 00:32:31
Discussion of the role of the music producer and the ending of the film 00:32:31- 00:38:46

Song timings in the original feature film 'From Scotland with Love':

Something to Believe in – 00:00:29 - 00:03:31
Bluebell Cockleshell 123 – 00:05:17 - 00:07:39 6,7,8 – 00:07:40 - 00:11:02
Marie Celeste (instrumental sequence) – 00:11:03 - 00:13:55
For One Night Only – 00:14:06-00:17:54
Largs – (Intro from 00:17:57) – song from 00:19:22 - 00:23:05 Cargill – 00:23:08 - 00:28:19 Pauper’s Dough – 00:28:20 - 00:33:08 (ends on tanks in George Square) My Favourite Girl – song from 00:34:19 - 00:39:17 Leaf Piece – song from 00:41:32 - 00:45:08 Fair Lie (instrumental – 00:47:16 - 00:49:37 Carry on Dancing – funeral song from 00:50:09 - 00:53:14 Miserable Strangers – emigration song from 00:52:16 - 00:56:54
One Floor Down – song from 01:02:39 - 01:05:32
Bringing in the Bails (instrumental based on 'For Auld Lang Syne') – 01:05:33 - END