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What Scotland Means To Me

Young people from Dundee and Glasgow are the winners of a one-minute film competition entitled 'What Scotland means to me'.

As part of the Year of Young People, the competition was organised by the National Library of Scotland in conjunction with the Scottish Youth Film Festival.

The winning films are:

'From Dancing Dundee' made by Sen and Lucy ('12 and under' category)
'St Thomas Aquinas Acrostic Account' by pupils from a school in Glasgow ('13 and over' category).

You can view both films online by clicking on the titles.

Both films, along with others that were shortlisted, will be added to the National Library's Moving Image Archive, for future generations to enjoy.

Our judges were:

Raisah Ahmed, filmmaker
Tim Courtney, director and musician
Kevin Guthrie, actor
Shelby Johnston, representative for Young Scot

We would like to thank all of the children and young people who took the time to capture creative stories and send in their films.

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