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Top Up Programme


Welcome to the Top-Up Programme Learning Resource.

This resource is for S5 and S6 pupils currently taking part in the University of Glasgow Widening Participation Top-Up Programme.


Please refer to The Top Up Programme site for the full course information for each session.


Discuss the portrayal of Scottish identity on screen from archive films to contemporary content. You may wish to consider stereotypes, representations and use of language or music in your response.


With reference to the film From Scotland With Love (2014), discuss the value of archive film in reflecting cultural identity on screen.

Reading List:

Critical Reading 1

Yule, E. (2020) Beyond the Scottish Cringe: Hard men and wild roses. The National

Critical Reading 2

Murray, J. (2019) Trainspotter’s Delight: Issues and Themes in Scottish Film Criticism. In A Companion to British and Irish Cinema. Edited by John Hill. John Wiley & Sons

Seminar Reading 1

Alexander, M. (2020). ‘I always feel people had it better in the past’, says King Creosote ahead of critically acclaimed Perth show. The Courier

Seminar Reading 2

Aitkin, S. (2014) No Tartan, no shortbread – King Creosote portrays a different Scotland. The Guardian.

Written Assignment Reading 1

Neely, S. (2019) Reel to Rattling Reel: telling stories about rural cinema-going in Scotland. Participations Journal of Audience and Reception Studies. Vol 16.

Written Assignment Reading 2

Clauge, R. (2020) Wanted dead or archive: how film-makers repurpose old footage. The Guardian.

Written Assignment Reading 3

Brunow, D. (2019) Queering the archive: Amateur films & LGBT Memory. Nordic Academic Press.

Film List:

‘From Scotland with Love’ (2014) Heath, V. Scotland. Fraction North. - IMDB

‘Sunshine on Leith’ (2013) Fletcher, D. Scotland. Entertainment Film Distributors / DNA Films / Black Camel Pictures / BFI / Creative Scotland. - IMDB

'Wild Rose' (2018) Harper, T. Scotland. BFI Film Fund / Creative Scotland / Entertainment One / Fable Pictures / Film 4 / Sierra / Affinity / WR Holdings.