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Dumfries Guid Nychburris Day (clip)

Annual Festival from Dumfries

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The Dumfries Guid Nychburris Festival on 27th June 1956 including the pageant and coronation of the Queen of the South. The clip features the Crier making his way through the town to make an announcement with other dignitaries. The clip also includes toasts made on horseback before the Riding of the Marches commences, the riders leaving the town by passing through wooden gate, the opening of Kirkgate Port and a ceremony allowing the riders to pass through the gates in the crowded streets of Dumfries.

Questions & Activities


  • What does "€œGuid Nychburris" mean?
  • Why is the crowining of the Queen so central to the event?
  • What is a float?
  • What flags are being waved?
  • Can you spot some early forms of advertising?


English: List all the things you see happening and the costumes. What kind of floats can you see?

History: Research how the practice of a cavalcade of floats originiated?

History: Find out the history of the festival. Why is it so important to Dumfries.

English: Write a story entitled "The Would Be Queen" or a story about your role in the event.

History: Research your local gala/fair day. What are the similarities and differences?

Media Studies / History: Compare and contrast this film with Ferry Fair, Bo'ness Fair and Wick Herring Queen.

Art and Design: Design a float that represents something unique about your community.

English: Find out who organises the event and interview them.

Business / Modern Studies: Invent your own new tradition.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-031-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0176
Date 1956 (27 - 30 June)
Genre Local Topical
School Subject Modern Studies, English, History, Art and Design, Social Studies
Who Lyceum Cinema (sponsor)
Where Dumfries
Event Festival
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 7:24
Film Length 13:04
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