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Bo'ness Public School - Queen Kathleen Jamieson

Bo'ness Childrens Fair 1930

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Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival of 1930, with the crowning of the Festival Queen, Kathleen Jamieson and the procession of the presentees in fancy dress. The film features the crowning of the Queen by Mrs E Blades with fairies, former queen, herald and presentees all taking part. The presentees are dressed in various costumes including possibly a farmer and his wife; Mickey Mouse and a cat; a King and Queen; various soldiers outfits; a flat fish; a tree and a little boy dressed as a watering can. The bad weather can be seen with the many umbrellas and rain coats but which did not deter the celebrations.

The appearance of the Mickey Mouse costume is particularly interesting as Mickey Mouse, clearly at this point already part of popular culture, had only been 'born' on 18 November 1928 upon release of Disney's film 'Steamboat Willie'. The fair day was filmed most years by the local cinema manager, Louis Dickson, who ran the Hippodrome Cinema. The film would be screened about a week after the fair day as part of the general film programme.

Questions & Activities


  • Why are fair and gala days important?
  • What happens at a fair/gala day?
  • What famous cartoon character can you spot in this film?
  • What cartoon character might you dress up as today?
  • Have you been to a fair day/gala - what did you see?
  • Where is Bo'ness? Why is the fair day so important to this town?


History / English / Media Studies: Research your own local gala/fair day and its history and origins.

History / Film History: Research the significance of Mickey Mouse in this film. Find out when Mickey Mouse was created, by who and why people were dressing like him in 1930. Compare with modern day cartoon characters who you might dress up as today.

English / Social History: List the fancy dress costumes/characters you can see. What is the symbolic function of the Queen both in this fair and traditionally at local events.

Social Studies / History: Research the traditions of fairs, carnivals and gala days - why are they important to the community and society?

Art and Design: What is the purpose of role-play and dressing up? Design your own costumes for your school to take part in your local fair.

Media Studies: Compare and contrast this film with other gala/fair days. What are the differences and what are the similarirites?

Media Studies: Make a film of your local fair/gala.

English: Produce a piece of creative writing about your day at the fair/gala.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-059-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0404A
Date 1930
Genre Local Topical
School Subject Social Studies, History, English, Media Studies, Art and Design
Who Hippodrome Cinema, Bo'ness (Sponsor), Louis Dickson (Filmmaker)
Where Bo'ness
Event Gala, Fair Day
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 5:19
Film Length 03:55