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Around Wick Harbour

Colour film of Wick Harbour from 1937

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The film opens with the return of part of the fishing fleet to Wick Harbour. We see from the pier as a crowd of people watches the boats' return. As boat's enter the harbour, the extent of the fleet is shown. Seagulls fly around the masts as the boats are tied up and the catch unloaded. An auctioneer is then shown at work. On the harbour, the fish are taken from the holds of the to be packed in barrels. Workers are shown shoveling the fish into baskets to be unloaded. The fish are then shown being gutted and sorted. As the fish are added to barrels, salt is added to ensure preservation. We then see coal coal being loaded onto the boats, with other fishermen resting on the dock. The boats are then shown heading out to sea again, accompanied by a grand flock of seagulls.

Questions & Activities


  • Compare this film to Trawler Town (1960). Which film do you find most interesting and why?
  • What can you find out about the colour film process in the 1930s? How common were commercial colour films at this time?
  • Where did the boat 'KY218' come from?


Write a commentary for this film explaining what is happening in each scene. Perform it alongside the film.

Create a short documentary film about an industry local to where you live. Use still photographs or video and edit the shots together. Add commentary or a soundtrack if you wish.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-063-C
Resource Rights Holder By Kind Permission of The Wick Society
Project Ref 0450
Date 1937
Genre Amateur
School Subject History, Geography
Who Alec Johnston (Director)
Where Wick
Event Fishing, Boats
Attributes Colour, Silent
Clip Length 7:33
Film Length 7:33