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Winter in Wick

Scenes around Wick in the 1940s

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This film records winter in Wick during around 1946. Shots include snow covered streets and buildings, pedestrians; men wearing nicky tams clearing snow away; view towards Station Hotel and bridge; general views of a snow-covered park. Close up of the statue of James T. Calder. Shots of travelling people (known at that time as tinkers) on on country road possibly at John O'Groats.

Questions & Activities


  • Who are the people featured in this film?
  • Who will have made this film and why?
  • Why do we place so much emphasis on the property ownership and the cornerstone of our society.
  • What is the story or message of this film?
  • Why do you think the filmmaker chose to shoot these things?
  • What interested the filmmaker about the snow and what points are being made?


Film History / Media Studies: Research film preservation.

History / Social Studies: Research the history of itinerant workers and other traveling people in Scotland and the prejudices that surround their lifestyle.

Media Studies: Add a soundtrack/commentary for this film.

English / Poetry: It would seem that the filmmaker happened upon the travelers by accident. There are many chance meetings in poems and stories. Try to construct your own story based on this chance meeting or another chance meeting.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-339-C
Resource Rights Holder By Kind Permission of The Wick Society
Project Ref 2681
Date 1946c
Genre Amateur
School Subject Media Studies, Social History, English
Subject Matter Film History
Who Alex Johnston (filmmaker)
Where Wick
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 2:26
Film Length 02:26