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Funeral of Miss Jean Armour Burns Brown

Robert Burns's great granddaughter is laid to rest in Dumfries

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The Funeral of Miss Jean Armour Burns Brown, great grand-daughter of Robert Burns, at Greyfriar's church in the Borders town of Dumfries. The film shows a still of Miss Brown and possibly the Prime Minister Ramsay McDonald; shots of Greyfriar's Church and hearses outside; the Funeral procession leaving the church and crowds of people lining the streets to pay their respects. The film then goes on to show the Funeral cortege passing through Dumfries streets before arriving at St Mary's Churchyard.

Questions & Activities


  • Who was Robert Burns and when did he live?
  • Why was Jean Armour Burns funeral considered so significant?
  • How much do you know about the Burns family tree?
  • How many generations were there between Robert Burns and Jean Armour Burns Brown?
  • Why do you think Jean Armour Burns Brown was buried in a different churchyard than Robert Burns?


History / English: Research the Burns family tree and the part that Jean Armour and later Jean Armour Burns played in promoting the bard's work?

Media Studies / Celebrity: Jean Armour Burns was considered a celebrity in her day partly because she was said to resemble Robert Burns. Discuss the concept of clebrity and what it meant then and now. Discuss the importance of celebrity to many people and what different celebrity cultures sday about our society.

English / Creative Writing: Write a journalistic account for a local newspaper of the funeral discussing the importance of Burns and the Burns legacy to South West Scotland.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-083-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0553
Date 1937
Genre Local Topical
School Subject English, Media Studies, Health and Wellbeing, Physical Education
Who Jean Armour Burns Brown (Robert Burn's great granddaughter), Ramsay McDonald (Prime Minister)
Where Dumfries
Event Funeral
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 2:10
Film Length 2:10