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The Borders: Where Scotland and England meet (clip)

A look at the industry and geography of the Borders

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This film focuses on the history of industry in the area and its future. The film presents several views of the River Tweed from it's source in the Tweedsmuir hills to the sea at Berwick. We see further shots of the castles and abbeys of the area. Berwick's importance as a market town is highlighted and attention is given to the fishing industry and the agricultural wealth of the area. We see meat being loaded at an abattoir in addition to work at a fish factory. The textile industry receives particular attention and we are presented with many shots of mechanised looms at work and, briefly, of the design stage. A display at the Scottish College of Textiles is shown. The film goes on to suggest how the economy of the region is becoming increasingly diversified and stable over footage of people at work with a variety of industrial equipment.

Questions & Activities


  • Which industries are featured in the clip?
  • Who was Jim Clark?
  • Why were Border towns market towns?
  • Who financed the film?
  • Why do you think the Borders have been described as a no-man'€™s land?


Geography: List and discuss the industries featured in the film. Research whether these industries still exist today If not, what the dominanet industries in the Borders today?

Geography / History: Research the history of Berwick.

Geography / Rivers and Coasts: What is the importance of the Tweed River to the Borders? What other famous borders are marked by rivers?

Fashion and Textiles / Geography: Research the historical importance of textiles to the Borders and why many of the newer industries mentioned in this film failed to take root.

Business Studies / Textiles: Research how the growth of man-made fibres in the UK has impacted on the textile industry in Scotland.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-281-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2223
Date 1970
Genre Sponsored Documentary
School Subject Geography, History, Fashion and Textile, Business Studies
Subject Matter Rivers
Who Edinburgh Film Productions (production company), Films of Scotland and the County Councils of Berwick, Northumberland, Peebles, Roxburgh and Selkirk (sponsors), Ian Cuthbertson (commentary), Mike Pavett (director), Robin Crichton (producer)
Where Berwick, Tweedsmuir
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 8:47
Film Length 19:21