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Fraserburgh Local Cinema Adverts

Animated advertising from 1931

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A series of animated and illustrated adverts for shops and services in the Fraserburgh area. The adverts promote a variety of local shops and businesses but were probably produced in one of the UK's major cities. They are beautifully animated and feature the following narratives and advertising messages: 1) Two sailors on a boat in stormy weather What a Shocking Night; arriving home: "Oh, dear you are starving" "Fear nothing, Wifey, I'm wearing Seafield, it keeps out the cold" For Comfort in All weathers you can always depend on Seafield Garments Robert Laidlaw & Sons Woollen manufacturers Keith Seafield Mills; 2) The Happy Ring House for Engagement and Wedding rings, Robert Cheyne Jewellers; 3) Furniture of Quality at Keenest Prices, McKay & Buchan "Doon the Brae"; 4) Style, Variety, Value for Ladies Coats Gowns and Millinery and all Ladies' wear come to Benzie & Miller Ltd.; 5) further adverts for "B&M's", mens wear, shoes and furniture; 6) Lingerie advert for Wm. Maitland Draper & House Furnisher and Morley's Silk hose; 7) "What Lovely Bread" "Yes, from McLean's Dear! the kiddies like it so much" McLean Bread liked by Everybody from Baby to Grandma!; 8) Health! Comfort! Economy! Coal The Fraserburgh Commercial Co. Ltd; 9) The New HMV Portable Six. Mermaids listen to the new portable radio, William Jas. Donald, Radio and Gramophone specialist; 10) The link between the Farm and the Public Cairnbulg Dairies still line drawing of two dogs, one larger, and then pigs Same Litter same food, the larger having had milk in addition; 11) Don't risk your eyes! Examine the qualifications of your optician. Consult Douglas Hamilton MPS FBOA FIO National Health Insurance Optician; 12) There is no end of goodness in...Albert Bruces's Sausages; 13) For all your precriptions and medicines, Alexander Carlaw Chemist & Optician.

Questions & Activities


  • What is effective about these adverts and this style of animation?
  • Why does the sea feature so much in these advertisements?
  • What are the biggest differences between advertising then and now?
  • What can you tell about Fraserburgh society in 1931 from these adverts?


Graphic Communication: Make an advert for a modern product using this 'retro' style of simple graphic animation and explain why you have chosen this particular product.

Primary Enterprise: Look at your local high street and list the number of independent businesses. Create a simple animated advert for one of these.

Enterprise / Business Studies: Discuss which aspects of the adverts are the same and how adverts have changed.

English / Media Studies: Choose the advert in the collection that interests you most. Tell what is being advertised, then look at the number of shots or graphic transformations and explain its meaning and the way it works in terms of representation, visual puns, symbols, metaphors, etc. Then repeat the exercise with a modern advert.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-403-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Date 1931 (year of production)
Genre Advert
School Subject Business Studies, Media Studies, Craft and Design, Graphic Communication, History
Subject Matter Advertising, Enterprise
Where Fraserburgh
Event Entertainment
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 5:50
Film Length 5:50
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