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Lion Mor - The Great Line (clip)

Clip showing the construction of a fish drying factory at Breasclete and the school work of local children

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Clip from a documentary about the construction of a fish drying factory at Breasclete in Lewis. The documentary focuses on the potential for the fishing industry in the Atlantic Ocean and on schoolwork carried out by local schoolchildren on the factory and fishing . The clip opens with shots of standing stones at Callanish before moving on to footage of ground clearing and construction of the new factory and pier. We are then shown a classroom at Breasclete Primary School where pupils are working on the school newspaper - the 'Lion Mor'. A close up shot shows articles from the newspaper relating to the factory development. We return to the building site and see concrete pouring and cranes lifting beams into place. The pupils of Breasclete are then shown researching artifacts no longer in use, such as an agricultural reaper. At Lews Castle College in Stornoway we see a Marine Studies class instructed in the use of equipment to plot the positions of ships. The final images show fishing vessels at sea, including the Peterhead registered "Shemara". Fishermen and cranes haul in nets and a catch is emptied.

Questions & Activities


  • Discuss the opening of the film. Why do you think it was made in this way?
  • Have you ever eaten whiting?
  • Who helped with the development of the fish factory? Why do you think they became involved?
  • What impact is the development having on the landscape? How do you think the people on the island felt about this?
  • What impact will the development of the fish factory have on the lives of the children in the schools as they get older?


Create a class survey on the kinds of fish that you have eaten.

Design your own newspaper front page about a recent development in your local area.

Research why whiting was regarded as a pet food until the late 20th Century. What is its status today as a food?

How are the problems of over-fishing being addressed today? Is enough being done? Hold a debate.

Discuss why the teacher speaks both English and Gaelic in the classroom.

Learn some Gaelic words and phrases relating to fish, fishing or marine life.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-099-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Project Ref 2687
Date c.1975
Genre Documentary
School Subject Gaelic, Social Studies, Business Studies, Sciences, Technologies, English
Subject Matter Literacy
Who Highlands and Islands Development Board (sponsor), Iain Cuthbertson (narrator), Ogam Films (production company), Oscar Marzaroli (director)
Where Callanish, Breasclete, Stornoway, Lewis
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 10:24
Film Length 22:00