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Red Skirts on Clydeside (clip 2)

Women's history and the Socialist Sunday School

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A documentary about the process of uncovering women's history using the 1915 Glasgow Rent Strikes as a focal point.

Includes interviews with women about their memories of the Socialist Sunday School movement and Mary Barbour.

Questions & Activities


  • What vision do Socialists have for the future?
  • What can you learn about the Socialist Sunday School from this clip?
  • In what ways do you think a person's upbringing can influence their politics and beliefs?
  • Why is Socialist history relevant to a discussion on women's history and the 1915 Rent Strikes in particular?


Research the history of the Socialist Sunday School. Can you find someone to interview who remembers it?

Research the story of Mary Barbour (whose descendants are interviewed in this clip).

What ethical and moral values do you hold as important? Create a personal project explaining these beliefs and thinking about where they came from.

Discuss different viewpoints and ethical considerations around how many children a woman should have, including the option to remain child free.

Clip Details

Date 1984
Genre Documentary
School Subject Literacy, Social History, History, Modern Studies
Subject Matter feminism, Socialism, Politics, Socialist Sunday School, Red Clydeside, Contraception
Who Jenny Woodley (director and editor), Christine Bellamy (director), Sheffield Film Co-op
Where Glasgow
Event 1915 Rent Strikes, Socialist Sunday Schools Movement
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 06:17
Film Length 40:37