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Tree for Two

Two children cause havoc at Christmas

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Two young children create havoc around the Christmas tree. They open all the presents, knock over the tree and surprise their dad! The film begins with a close-up of brightly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Two young children enter the room and enjoy unwrapping a variety of gifts, including toys, a bottle of brandy and clothing. They then dismantle the Christmas tree, taking baubles off the branches and eventually knocking the tree over. The scene turns more disruptive, when the children begin throwing things at one another! They play with glasses, piling them up. Their father comes downstairs and discovers them. He slips on a roller skate, knocks the table (and breaks an ornament), and gets a water pistol full of brandy squirted in his eye. He sits laughing. The film ends on a Christmas card with the message 'But I Can Still Wish You A Smashing Christmas!'

Questions & Activities


  • What presents do the boys unwrap?
  • Who in the family do you think each present was for? Why?
  • Why did the boys open all the presents? Were they doing anything dangerous?
  • What makes this film funny? What does the filmmaker do to make us want to keep watching? (Suspense)
  • Can you think of an alternative ending to this film?


Make a modern day version of this film. You could set it at home or in a different setting, such as a school classroom or a club.

Create a poster for the film. Remember you need to show in your poster that it is a comedy!

Design special clothing for the boys' father that will protect him from his children's antics.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-006-007-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 5626
Date 1957
Genre Amateur, Comedy
School Subject Expressive Arts, Technologies
Subject Matter Literacy, Christmas, Play, Children, Toys, Comedy
Who Frank Marshall
Where Glasgow
Event Christmas
Attributes 16mm, Colour, Sound
Clip Length 8:58
Film Length 8:58
References National Library of Scotland.