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From Glasgow Green to Bendigo (clip 2)

A look at the work of Glasgow's famous Templeton factory

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This film shows manufacturing processes in the Templeton factory, Glasgow. This clip shows a designer from the Templeton Factory talking to camera and explaining the creative process while working at his bench creating a rough pattern for the new design.

Questions & Activities


  • Is this how you would expect a designer to be dressed?
  • Could you tell from his studio what he is designing?
  • What do the designs and colours tell us about the ambitions of the early Nineteen Sixties?
  • How is this underscored through the use of music?
  • Is this an example of good design practice?


Art and Design / Textiles: Which is more important to the designer the form or function of a product and how does this effect its price and profitability?

Art and Design / Textiles: Go back to a historical painting and develop a pattern that you would want to produce as a textile.

Art and Design / Textiles: Discuss how the floral language of the narration to describe the pattern and discuss how historical allusion is used in contemporary fashion and textile design.

Art and Design / Textiles: Discuss the stages of this designer's process. Do you think you could do better using the same basic colours and shapes?

Art and Design / Moving Image Education: Discuss how a design process can be effectively communicated to other people. Describe your own design process from start to finish and if possible make a film for others to view.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-267-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2209
Date 1961
Genre Promotional Film, Corporate
School Subject Art and Design, Technologies
Subject Matter Shape and Pattern, Visual Elements, Textiles
Who (sponsor), Films of Scotland (production company), Robert Irvine (director), Templeton Carpets Ltd (sponsor)
Where Glasgow
Event Working life
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 2:52
Film Length 18:38