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Communication (clip)

Teenagers discuss problems communicating with others

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A 1970s film featuring situations where teenagers discuss problems communicating with their parents, boyfriends and sex education. The clip features documentary interviews as well as dramatised situations.

Questions & Activities


  • Why would this film have been made?
  • Why do you think they need to make a film about communication?
  • Why did the filmmakers include the fake ad for First Love Shampoo?
  • What is VD and can you catch it from toilet seats or kissing?
  • Are people more comfortable talking to their parents about these kinds of issues today?


English / RME: In the context of this film, discuss what "wrong" means and who decides what is wrong. Does it mean illegal or does it mean something else?

Art and Design / Modern Studies: Compare this film with 'Travelpass - It's Just the Ticket' in this collection or the end of 'Young at Heart' and discuss how romance and sexual attraction are used to sell products. Find a selection of magazines or TV ads and try to decode how they use symbols and metaphors and particular types of camera techniques or music to support these selling techniques.

English / PSE: Discuss the roll of 'Agony Aunts' in magazines and why some young people might prefer to ask a 'safe' stranger rather than a parent. Is the advice they give useful and appropriate or biased. Pick a letter and modify it to the age level and then ask the class to provide the appropriate response to the letter writer.

Health and Wellbeing: Teenage pregnancy is mentioned in this film as a total horror. Use this film as a light-hearted introduction to debate whether teenage pregnancy is caused by a lack of sex education, or whether it is a lifestyle choice (perhaps caused by a desire to escape from the parental home which may appear to some teenagers as controlling or hypocritical).

PSE / Citizenship: Some people have suggested that the answer to bringing down the number of teenage pregnancies is to give young people more responsibility from an earlier age. Discuss how this might be achieved.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-367-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Health Scotland
Project Ref 4736
Date 1977
Genre Documentary, Drama Doc, Educational
School Subject Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education, English, Health and Wellbeing, Media Studies
Subject Matter Citizenship, Education
Who Sarah Erulkar (director), Viscom Scotland (production company)
Where Glasgow
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 5:26
Film Length 15:33