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Home learning: cinema in Scotland


We've put together some fun resources for learning about cinema in Scotland!

All the pdf downloads can be found at the bottom of this page. Have fun learning about cinema in Scotland.

If you like watching movie clips, click onto the FILM CLIPS tab for lots of related content. Why not use the clips as ads and trailers for your show at home?

When you login using your Glow email and password you can download the clips and edit them into your own movies!

We love to see what you can do with our resources. Show us how you get on by tweeting @nlskelvinhall

  • Put on a fairground film show at home using our cinema activity sheets

  • Make your own film poster with our poster template

  • Colour in the children's matinee queue

For more activities and loads of cool info, check out:

Images: Girl with Magic Crayon and Children's Matinee by Louise Wilde (2020)


See the 'Introduction' tab for downloadable resources, colouring sheets and more.

Go onto 'Film Clips' if you just want to watch cool old stuff.